Meaning of virgin in Urdu

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asked Apr 4 in Education, Schools, and Learning by Sana Shazadi
Please tell me what is the meaning of virgin in pure Urdu?

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answered Apr 4 by Umer King Idrisian
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Virginity is what people in Asia look for when they decides to get married and some of them even thinks that a girl (women) should be virgin before her marriage. By the way the virgin meaning in Urdu are written below:

Virgin Urdu Meaning: کنوارا -  کنواری  - kunwari - kunwara

Muslims have strong thoughts about this and they tend to marry a virgin girl as its the main thing which tells that the girl is innocent and haven't done anything wrong in terms of the sexual activities.

its different for everybody and different in every person' views - i am not targeting any person here.

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