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Please give me the name of the person who invented the first pencil. Thanks

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answered by King Idrisian

As you see today's kids pencils created with removers for easy studying of kids Henry Bessemer was the first person to create it with compressing graphite powder into solid graphite and some says the first pencil was invented by Conrad Gessner and still there is a big study to do.

We have everything from history written in some sort of things and we can see the art even in pyramids of Egypt. So its hard to give credit to anyone without knowing exactly when the pencil or writing thing was created.

In views of Muslims even before the creation of the universe there was the paradise and on paradise' gate Kalma was written.

So how we can say that someone from the humans have invented the pencil?

I will be here to get other answers and know thoughts of different people smiley

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