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answered by King Idrisian

We have to spend money on essentials and when it comes to daily life spending we have to do it for a healthy living.

However, we can reduce the costs by cutting our food, cloth and internet budgets. As you can see when you have to save money and stop spending more you have to cut off the unwanted spending like when you can eat a burger why are you eating two burgers?

Just leave the mutton and start eating healthy food like vegetables and also start wearing low cost shirts rather than wearing suits which costs $$$$.

There are so many other ways, like when you have to use internet for business than you have to use it and what if you are using internet without any reason? and just for social media networks?

Avoid unnecessary spending and you will get to stop wasting money. I will wait for more best answers from other members smiley

As its a new community people will take time to answer serious questions laugh

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