How much of your income should you save?

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asked Apr 12 in Business, Work, and Careers by Asad Mogul

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1 Answer

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answered Apr 12 by Umer King Idrisian

In short, 80% of your monthly income should be saved in the bank accounts.

It will help you when you have no job or a way to earn more as in real life we have to face obstacles of every type. Million dollar companies have to face drawbacks and that's when savings help get out of the poorness.

However, some people can't save 80% of the income as they are earning roughly that much they have to spend over a month for must.

For them I recommend to have some budget plans and start saving few dollars a day like $5 or $10 and you will end-up saving $150 or $300 per month which will lead you to have $1800 to $3600 per year saved for you.

Ask again, I am here for you angel

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