PayDiamond Pakistan Fraud or Legit?

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asked Apr 25 in Business, Work, and Careers by Samina
Please btain sir ke ye paydiamond legit hai ya paydiamond scam hai? aur halal hai ya haram?

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answered Apr 26 by Umer King Idrisian
selected May 5 by Umer
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I have done a little research on this business and many of my friends are telling me that their friends from different areas of the Pakistan and Punjab are earning money online using PayDiamond and they are getting paid on weekly basis.

However, upon my own research I found that this maybe a fraudulent company. I have also created an account and they have suggest me this link from where I can get referrals and I will get bonus that person will spend money buying nothing.

Also, I think its haram as we are doing nothing to make money. There should be some type of work for every penny we make.

However, still I am confused whether its scam or legit. I will research more and edit this answer with more information but for now I can't recommend you to invest your money in a company nobody knows about its owner.

Their business model is also confusing.

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