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Please tell me why a vehicle insurance is valuable and why I should get my car insured? is there a real benefit?

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answered by King Idrisian

So your questions is: Why is car insurance necessary? and here's the answer:

There are many types of car insurance policies and almost every car insurance policy is capable to overcome the expenses for damage and accidental vehicle problems. Some of them even cover up the cost for drivers and passengers injuries. There are also a Road Traffic Act in every country and we can get our car re-touched and even we can file a full car claim when the damage is too much.

It means we can easily cover the damage cost of a car when we have an insurance policy with it. It will help us when we have no money to pay but need the car to work for us again.

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answered by Idrisian

Is there any way to know you are secured while driving a car or riding a bike from any disaster? the simple answer is "NO". Auto Insurance is an Insurance that protects you from any future unwanted events by helping you financially. 

Auto Insurance Policy covers Personal accident of the owner driver, damage to the insured car either man made or natural calamity and the third party liability. some insurance company also offers add on facilities to cover the co-passengers too. 

If looking for auto insurance policy then you must compare auto insurance online. or there are some companies like National Insurance, New India, HDFC ERGO , etc.

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