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I am a bit confused with democracy and leadership, please describe what is democracy and how leadership can work with democracy?

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answered by King Idrisian

Democracy means a system of Law and Government by the whole Population of the Selected Country which basically created by the Voting system.

All the people in a state or country votes for their best person they want to see as a Prime Minister or President. Then after voting is done there's must be an authority to calculate the votes and announce the name of the elected person.

Democracy is: "a system of parliament of a country to take care or every issue in the country"

In simple words, democracy means a government created by the people for themselves. Let's hope for more answers smiley

And the leadership: The whole system of voting and elections for government in democracy is selecting the #1 leader in the country to hold the responsibilities.

If you can show that you are the best leader in a country the chances are people will elect you and give you the permission to create government in that country.

However, there are more ways to be a leader rather then standing in elections.

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